Supplements I take/ Morning Routine / Top 3 products!

For some, a morning routine can seem dragging, if you have an early start and a fair to moderate commute. For me however, a morning routine 100% gets me in the right mindset for the day! I often give myself an extra 30 – 45 minutes in the morning, even if that means waking up earlier. The idea may seem off putting (especially as the winter months approach), but by waking up that bit earlier to eat a full filling breakfast and to give myself the time and ease to do so, I am more likely to flourish as the day unravels!

Each and everyone of us will have a different morning routine. Different people will eat different things for breakfast, some may enjoy their morning coffee whilst others will go for a tea. Some may shower in the morning and others the night before. Some may read, some may flick through instagram, and others may simply just be whilst they eat their breakfast. Meditation or yoga is also a popular benchmark for starting the day with a clear mind and a spring in your step! So find what works for you, and remember that getting up that little bit earlier may give you more time to enjoy your morning routine!


If anyone is at all curious, here is how my morning unravels (days off of work may be slightly different of course)!

  • I head to the bathroom to tongue scrape, brush my teeth, cleanse and wash my face, and moisturise. I Shower the night before because I have to get up early usually. I love my facial routine as it’s an opportunity for me to look after my skin and show my body some self care! I then spread some pit paste deodorant onto my armpits, and throw on my work clothes (which I lay out the night before)!


  • Following that, I sort my hair out (which tends to be a high pony or french plaits), and some days I wear make up whilst others I go bare faced. I throw on a pair of earrings and a necklace (which is the hardest decision ask my boyfriend because I have so many!)


  • I now head downstairs and make myself a lemon and apple cider vinegar tonic. A great way to wake up the digestive system, and support the liver and gut. I also usually take 2 drops of iodine in a separate glass of water, and in the winter months I put 1/2 tsp. pure absorbic acid in to another glass of (warm) water. The iodine supports my thyroid health, and the absorbic acid gives me a boost of vitamin C. I also take an algae oil capsule, probiotic, and digestive enzyme (betaine), just before I eat something.


  • For breakfast I either have overnight oats/bircher muesli which I prepare the night before, OR, I have porridge. I load either of these with seeds, berries, banana, and tahini (my favourite)! This is my favourite part of my morning routine!


  • Following breakfast, I take the remainder of my supplements. I’m currently taking (zinc, iron, DIM, and B-Comlex). By now, I am pretty much ready to fill up my water bottle, pay a trip to the loo, and then head on out the door!



I’ve put together a list of my TOP 3 products which I integrate into my morning routine. It was hard to choose just three, but I’ll explain why I picked the chosen candidates!


  • ONE: Reishi mushroom powder – This medicinal mushroom (along with many other medicinal mushrooms), is a powerhouse! I specifically take it to help balance my hormones, anxiety, and skin (which are all connected anyway). Reishi like many of the other medicinal mushrooms, is also great for immunity! Whether I’m having chocolate porridge of berry overnight oats, reishi’s in there!


  • TWO: Baobab powder – Baobab powder is extremely high in vitamin C, and because of it’s citrus and sweet taste (in my opinion), it pairs well with raw cacao powder! Baobab is the only fruit that dries naturally on the tree, meaning it doesn’t have to go through a drying process in manufacturing, making it purer.


  • THREE: Raw cacao powder – Hands up if you like to eat chocolate for breakfast?! I certainly do, and I love bitter sweet chocolate. I make a mean chocolate porridge featuring raw cacao powder, which can be found on my blog! Raw cacao powder is high in iron (as is dark chocolate), and it also strengthens the memory and the mind (making it a great choice for breakfast). Furthermore, it’s a mood enhancer and aphrodisiac food group, giving you those feel good vibes! Lastly, raw cacao powder is really high in antioxidants! The rawer you keep it in recipes, the more nutrients you’ll receive from it. I do sometimes bake with it, but when I’m making chocolate porridge with it, I pour my chocolate paste into the cooked oats last minute!